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Features of the Master’s Program in Logistics

The Master’s degree program in Logistics distinguishes itself from other programs in the same thematic area of study through the following features:

Technical Skills

  • Program content in logistics prepares you to take on generalist-thinking, market-oriented managerial responsibilities in logistics, sales, production, logistics consulting, or in project management. Furthermore, you are well prepared for general managerial positions.
  • The program focus in communication covers the applied aspects of IT uses in logistics. This includes understanding and knowing how to use ERP systems, especially SAP’s ERP system, and ARIS software for process management. Within this thematic area, you will also learn Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management.
  • The program focus in consulting provides you with knowledge of consulting methods. This enables you to independently plan and develop logistics projects supported at the managerial level. You will also be able to work as a consultant, manager, or project manager in the branches mentioned above.

Consulting Skills

Consulting skills are made up of social, conceptual, and content-related skills, all of which are intensively taught during the Master’s program:

  • Content-related skills: include for one basic skills in project management or process management tasks as they relate to logistics. Additionally, students can choose to further specialize from among courses in the functional areas of in marketing, information technology, business, controlling, human resource management, etc.
  • Social skills: include the ability to lead a team, to motivate, to manage conflicts, etc. Lectures are dedicated to each of these respective topics.
  • Conceptual skills: are taught in different projects and in logistics technologies, but also in the area of ERP consulting and business integration consulting.

Consistent Applied Approach to Academic Principles

In the Master’s program in Logistics, the applied approach is guaranteed through the following:

  • Practically oriented study materials, classroom methods, and course organization.
    Case studies, tutorials, and practical projects speak to this point.
  • All professors have at least five years of practical work experience.
    Applied research and knowledge transfer ensures continuous calibration of the program based on the changing demands of professional practice.
  • Cooperation with industry partners.
    Cooperation with industry partners provides you with tangible benefits. Industry partners offer internship positions and projects relating to your Master’s thesis. They also exchange learning content with the program and make lecturers available.

High-Quality, Tuition-Free Program of Study in the Metropolitan Rhein-Neckar

The Master’s program in Logistics at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein is tuition-free for students from Germany.

The Master’s program distinguishes itself through a number of quality criteria:

  • AQAS accreditation: The program has received the quality seal of approval from the AQAS Accreditation Agency and is regularly reaccredited.
  • Student Evaluation: All courses in the Master’s program are evaluated by students. Additionally, regular feedback sessions with students help determine concrete improvements.
  • Industry Partners: The program’s industry partners—representatives from well-known companies in the region—meet twice a year in order to review and further develop program content.

Ludwigshafen lies in the middle of the metropolitan Rhein-Neckar, a region with over 100,000 companies, around 800,000 working professionals, and a gross value-added figure of over €60 billion. The headquarters of multinational companies including BASF, SAP, Roche Diagnostics, and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG are located here. Last but not least, 80,000 students make for an exciting student atmosphere.

Access to Higher Civil Service Positions / Qualification for Doctoral Studies

The Master’s program gives you access to the higher civil service track. With your Master’s degree, you also receive qualification for doctoral studies. Please contact us directly for more information on these opportunities.

Program Management

Prof. Dr. Susanne Härterich

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67059 Ludwigshafen

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Julia Walther

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67059 Ludwigshafen


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Seal of Approval

Seal of Approval

The Master’s program in Logistics is accredited by AQAS.