A Focus on Innovative Technologies and Consulting Skills

Information technologies change rapidly. For this reason, one must be able to distinguish between short-lived fads and fundamental trends. In order to ensure that your education provides you with a long-term competitive advantage (which already plays out as an advantage during your application), the Master’s program in InfoMaC prepares you for innovative trends. We emphasize the following technologies in particular:

  • E-Business: Using Internet technologies to solve business-related tasks.
  • Business Intelligence: Technologies to structure and organize corporate data and information-flows in order to obtain relevant information for the company.
  • Knowledge Management: Technologies to support business processes relevant to the generation, dissemination, and use of knowledge.

Consulting Skills in All Three Dimensions

Consulting skills are made up of social, conceptual, and content-related skills, all of which are intensively taught during the Master’s program:

  • Social Skills: include the ability to lead a team, to motivate, to manage conflicts, etc. An entire program module focuses on these aspects and specifically covers the organizational challenges a project manager has to deal with during the process of introducing new technologies.
  • Conceptual Skills: the module on corporate consulting addresses systematic problem-solving techniques, successful methods in change management, and strategic consulting.
  • Content-related Skills: include on the one hand basic skills such as project or process management, each of which has their own dedicated lectures. In addition, you can choose to specialize in the following functional topics: marketing, logistics, controlling, human resource management, etc.

A Strong Applied Approach and a Solid Scientific Basis for the Master of Science Degree

“Practical orientation is key.” This is what everyone asserts is the most important qualification for future college graduates. For this reason, the Master’s program in InfoMaC follows a strong applied approach.

This is guaranteed through:

  • A high share of practical application in coursework: Accordingly, at the end of two years of study, you will have completed four projects. 75% of courses have integrated tutorial sections and case studies.
  • Professors with extensive practical experience: Without exception, all participating professors have more than five years of practical work experience and are, to a great extent, still connected to professional practice through applied research and knowledge transfer activities.
  • Support through industry partners: Strong, internationally oriented companies support the Master’s program and ensure the practical relevance of course content.

You will study InfoMaC at a university of applied sciences. This type of university does not provide cookie-cutter knowledge with a short shelf life, or teach academics in an ivory tower. Rather, you will acquire a solid foundation in academic methods, which will enable you to successfully master new and unknown challenges. This foundation serves as a fundamental prerequisite for long-term success in a constantly evolving business world.

After successfully completing the program, students will be awarded the title of “Master of Science.” This academic title clearly conveys graduates’ acquired technological skills.

Strong, Internationally Oriented Industry Partners from IT and Management Consulting

Our program’s industry partners come primarily from IT and Management Consulting, but also from other companies interested in graduates with strong consulting and technological skills. Industry partners get involved as lecturers, in integrated course case studies, etc.

Over and above the program’s applied approach, strong business partner participation has additional benefits for you:

  • Master’s Thesis: You have the option of working with the program’s industry partners on your Master’s thesis. Because industry partners are already involved in the program, you are well prepared and will not lose time.
  • Internships: If you would like to gain more practical work experience alongside your studies, all industry partners are well represented here in the metropolitan Rhein-Neckar region.
  • Career Opportunities: Thanks to meeting working professionals from industry partnerships early on in course lectures and projects, you will naturally have a leg up on the competition when it comes to getting a job.

High-Quality, Tuition-free Program of Study in the Metropolitan Rhein-Neckar Region

The Master’s degree program in InfoMaC, offered by the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein in Rheinland-Pfalz, is tuition-free for students from Germany. Compared with five-figure tuition costs in other programs of study, this tuition-free benefit is substantial.

InfoMaC is distinguished by a number of quality features:

  • AQAS accreditation: The program has received the quality seal of approval from the AQAS Accreditation Agency and is regularly reaccredited.
  • Student Evaluation: All courses in the Master’s program are evaluated by students. Additionally, regular feedback sessions with students help determine concrete improvements.
  • Industry Partners: The program’s industry partners—representatives from well-known companies in the region—are actively involved in shaping the practical orientation of the program’s course content.

The program’s location in Ludwigshafen further distinguishes itself by its position in the middle of the metropolitan Rhein-Neckar region, which has over 100,000 companies, around 800,000 working professionals, and a gross value-added figure of over €60 billion. All important IT-service providers are well represented here. The headquarters of SAP is located, by the way, only 30 minutes from the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein. A vital student atmosphere is palpable in the Rhein-Neckar region; the 80,000 students living here make sure of it!

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